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Industry Overview


"Private Investigator" is legally defined as a person who investigates and furnishes information for hire or reward. The investigation industry in Canada is governed by provincial statues and is closely monitored by provincial government agencies. In Ontario this agency is the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Private Security and Investigative Service.


Private Investigation is not a new profession. It has actually existed long before modern day police forces. Bounty hunters were an early form of private investigators and were individuals who searched for wanted offenders and received a reward for finding them, dead or alive. Similarly, land owners, business owners and even government have historically employed private investigators to gather information on their behalf. These days, private investigators are most often hired to inquire into civil cases. These are private matters rather than public matters of individuals or business in which the police have no jurisdiction, lack or resources or have no interest in the matter. As with any form of investigtaion, much of the work of a private investigator is routine research and the writing of lenghtly, detailed reports.  


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